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Projects & Expeditions

For the last three years my life has revolved around a series of quests that have drastically impacted the way I see human capabilities, and of course my own.


Here you can find my track record of projects and expeditions that I've accomplished with the help of thousands of strangers I've met along the way, enjoy!



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Unicycle Expedition

(Solo & Unsupported)

Begin Date • 6-28-21
End Date • 10-5-21

This project was a concept for nearly three years prior to any preparation, it took place from Appleton, Wisconsin and was accomplished 99 days later in Phoenix, Arizona. The entire expedition was 2,400 miles, 1,800 of which were freeways and highways along Route 66. By the time I reached New Mexico, I had 3 broken spokes and a flat tire. I spent a week repairing my equipment with my childhood friend, Charlie and his family. I took this expedition as a mission to raise funds and awareness for the Beacon House. I was 19 years old, and after the three and a half months, this expedition raised over $30,000 for the organization through individual and business donations. My hair had matted severely during this trip, and when I was finished I weaved my own dreadlocks with a crotchet needle. 


Backpacking expedition

(Solo & Unsupported)

Begin Date • 11-11-21
End Date • 11-21-21

After riding a unicycle across the Unites States you can image I was pretty sore. I dismantled my custom rack bars I had built for my unicycle, making it a lighter item to travel with, effectively converting my gear storage into a hiking backpack. After a month of rest in Phoenix with my family, I headed towards California with only a unicycle and pack. During this expedition I allowed myself freedom to hitchhike, as I wanted to explore an avenue of traveling I have never done before. I received a total of 10 rides throughout the 900 miles I traveled. In Los Angeles, I met Kelly, whom I traveled with in her vehicle for four days.

Throughout these 10 days, I walked approximately 110 miles, survived dehydration, walked across two deserts, and finally met a man in a Taco Bell in the middle of Utah, who generously purchased my plane ticket back to Wisconsin in order to escape the eagerly approaching bone chilling cold weather that I was not equipped for at that time.

Begin Date • 6-20-22
End Date • 11-11-22

Mississippi River Expedition

Prior to this expedition I spent six months sewing my own leather tricorne from deer skin by hand. I decided this journey would be an art piece that spoke towards the monotony of modern fashion, and how we really embrace fashion as it's normalized by celebrity trends and business marketing. I intended and planned for a short two month journey from the headwaters of Lake Itasca, to the Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana. As you can imagine, this expedition had many trials and tribulations, which inevitably turned two months into three, and then four, then five. After 2,400 miles and 144 blistering days alone on 'Big Muddy', I had completed this remarkable feat and made many friends along the way. After this long and noble journey, I had been graciously hosted for one week by David Smith and Lisa Guido. I was ready for a new chapter in life, so I sold my canoe, equipment and supplies, shaved my dreadlocks, and began planning for where I'd go next.  

(Solo & Unsupported)


Bikepacking expedition

(Solo & Unsupported)

Begin Date • 11-17-22
End Date • 1-15-23

It took only a week to prepare for this, as I had everything I needed (and more than I could carry) after just finishing the Mississippi River. I loaded up a mountain bicycle that I had purchased on craigslist with a small duffel bag, and a few water bottles, then headed on my way. I made it as far as Gulfport, Mississippi when I met with David, a friend who's been following my travels online. He invited me to spend thanksgiving with him, to which I promptly accepted. On Thanksgiving day, we visited a friend of his in the country, where I found a small 4 month old Mukong Bobtail nearly frozen to death, dying of thirst with an upper respiratory infection, meowing for help under his stairway. This area is notorious for animal dumping, but beyond that we were too far from the city for it to have run away. My stay at Davids was extended as I searched online for any trace of where he may have came from. The nearest location was nearly 5 miles from where I found him; a cat hoarders barn with hundreds of feral cats running free, fighting for food. With this knowledge I took him under my wing, fed him raw goats milk for 6 days, which healed his respiratory infection, crafted a small chest bag and carried him with me for the next two months. I named him 'River', as I felt it was appropriate. During this expedition I biked through Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and part of Florida over the course of 65 days.

I was joined by my brother, Breck for 32 of those days, and in total, cycling over 700 miles. My brother flew out spontaneously after I invited him on a section of this journey. His departure was in Tallahassee, Florida. I went on to travel south towards a couple who were selling a vintage Sawyer Loon canoe, where I was graciously hosted for two weeks to reacquire necessary equipment as all I owned now was a bicycle, small duffel bag and a 6 month old kitten. Thank you to Deb and Ian, for your patience, assistance and support as I prepared for the final leg of this journey. During my two weeks preparing, I was assisted by Robert Arrington from Deer Meat For Dinner. I met many friends through this opportunity, including Bob Ernstes, a close friend to this day who drove me from the east coast of Florida, to the Atlantic ocean and back, where I spent one week dehydrating food, acquiring equipment, and fishing with Robert and his family.


Florida Circumnavigation

It was quite a scramble preparing for the circumnavigation of Florida. I had given myself roughly two weeks to acquire everything I needed for my canoe, and with limited funds and an extra mouth to feed, I had to get creative. Much of my equipment was sponsored by generous companies and people such as Frogg ToggsOcean EyesRed Leaf Designs, and DMFD. When it came time to depart I headed due south towards the Florida Keys. At one point I had spent 5 days marooned on an island 20 miles offshore of Ft. Myers due to weather conditions. I feel as though my initial 3 weeks were preparation towards a nerve wracking obstacle; The 10,000 Islands of Florida, a devilish jungle maze comprized of cypress and mangrove trees that are periodically submerged beneath incoming tides with a 24 mile open water crossing at the end to top it off. It was a grueling 100 miles with incredibly limited camping, thieving racoons, and no civilization. On the first day I met Matt Lander and his friends on an island, where we gaffed and cooked a stingray, and shared stories of our adventures. I prepped for this section by taking 11 US gallons (88lbs) of water with me on my canoe. This was quite the challenge as it demobilized my transportation significantly. After arriving in Islamorada, my first glimpse of civilization in 9 days, I was hosted by Heiko, a professional fisherman and YouTuber living on the island. From Islamorada, I traveled north towards Miami. I met with DMFD once again in Jupiter, FL where he hosted my kitten and I in order to regain our strength and continue on our quest. I stayed with Bob Ernstes at his hunting ranch a couple weeks after, where we shared my first big game hunt; a wild boar. Towards the end of Florida I met with Katie, and was hosted for one week at her house with her two friends and sister. If I've ever been part of a girl crew, this was it, although I fit in well.

(Solo & Unsupported)

Begin Date • 1-28-23
End Date • 5-19-23