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There are many ways to describe a human, especially in an individualistic sense. We spend the majority of our lives soaking up knowledge like a sponge and I suppose this is the part where I'm to introduce my individuality based off the life I've chosen or been led to lead. Hello, I'm an adventurer, generally speaking.

In the wake of my existence I've come to enjoy the whole hearted nature of the Earth, people and stories we endure. These passions derive from countless life changing events that have occurred over the last 8 years. Beginning at the tender age of 14, my life trajectory was cultivated from being run over by a car, shattering my spine and being threatened with the idea I'd never walk again. I've been blessed to see my family every day through my recovery thanks to the Beacon House organization (← click for more videos) which led me to the inescapable reality of our impermanent lifetime. In 2021 I rode a unicycle across the USA as a mission to raise funds and awareness for the organization, that then propelled me into a quest of discovery and self discipline through living my absolute hardest life in spite of everything I went through.

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Someday I'd like to achieve the feat of becoming my happiest and highest self, although I believe we'll never be perfect, but can always be better. It's important for me to spend the valuable and limited time we have on Earth, to share a positive message and spread the love I'm shown through documenting my journeys and characterizing my experiences into writing.

Towards the end of 2021, I backpacked and hitch hiked across Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah. I was met by gracious and loving individuals who not only housed me in the time we spent together, but ensured my safety moving forward, providing me with meals and friendship. I went on to canoe the entire 2,400 miles of the Mississippi River in the summer of 22', that led to a life changing 11 month straight expedition involving a bike-packing trip 700 miles through Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida and the circumnavigation of the 1,515 mile water trail of Florida by canoe. During my time on the bicycle, I had rescued a 4 month old stranded kitten that I named River. I carried him on my chest until I purchased my second canoe, where I raised him for 7 months. After the 11 months I spent exploring, I brought River to my parents where he's able to have a healthier and less stressful life with a loving family. I then went back to re-paddle the first 456 miles of the Mississippi River from the headwaters of Lake Itasca to Minneapolis at the end of 23'. For a full directory of my travels with pictures and written stories, click here.

"What punishments of God are not gifts"
- John Ronald Reuel Tolkien

Headwaters Expedition; Day 14
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